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Flora Grubb Gardens

whimsy at Flora Grubb Gardens

Stylize shabby-chic whimsy, then intersperse it with plenty of copper, grey-green hues of the Southwest, and you have Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. Add lots of outdoor bistro chairs in this environment and you can’t help but linger.

Flora Grubb’s succulent nursery needs no plug from me. She’s got plenty of marketing savvy and makes her place an active destination not only for plant and accessory sales but for demonstrations too. In what seems a comeback warehouse district one is drawn off the typical tourist path and near the “India Basin” industrial waterfront.

Agave at Flora Grubb Gardens

In addition to the shopping fun, I got to see the loving-care hose-misting of the vertical succulent garden, pictured below. Hung on the wall it is nearly as wide as I am tall. For those wanting to start their own vertical garden she does sell 20″x20″ trays which contain 45 slanted planting cells to support the plants and soil once the frame is mounted on the wall.

Among other things I was delighted to find the perfect weathered grapewood branch upon which to mount the air plant waiting for me back home.

Do visit Flora Grubb Gardens http://www.floragrubb.com/idx/index.php

Nancy R. Peck

Flora Grubb Gardens' succulent vertical garden


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